Instant Energy Savings

Up to 80% reduction in energy usage and costs – from the moment we have installed your new LED lighting.

Fully Financed LED Lighting

LED lighting funding solutions for both commercial and public sector organisations to suit individual requirements.

Power Sales LED Lighting offers easy and affordable leases and financing options for all types of businesses and organisations.

Our LED lighting can lower your energy bills and with finance payments offset by the anticipated energy savings, the financing option can pay for itself.

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Business LED Lighting

LED lighting solutions for all business and commercial projects, including warehouses, factories, logistics & distribution centres, retail stores, hotels, nursing homes, petrol stations, offices and more. From retrofit LED lights which reduce energy costs to complete refurbishments, our lighting team will handle your project from start to finish. Our financed LED supply and installation option means that you can keep working capital in the business and use the energy savings to pay for your LED lighting.

Schhol LED Lighting

School LED Lighting

Instantly save up to 80% on energy costs by replacing existing old-fashioned school lighting with modern energy saving LED lighting. Schools can reduce their carbon footprint and see the proven educational benefits of brighter and better-lit learning environments. Our School LED finance packages for the supply and installation of your LED Lighting means that your school can use the energy savings to pay for your LED Lighting upgrade.